Park Eun-bin is an actress from South Korea. She started acting when she was a child, and her most famous roles are as the lead in the TV shows Hello, My Twenties!, Hot Stove League, Do You Like Brahms?, The King’s Affection, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Lee Hwi, played by Park Eun Bin, takes over as king after her twin brother. In the Korean drama The King’s Affection, Park Eun Bin played a king. Here are some of the kingly charms she showed. In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park Eun Bin plays Woo Young Woo, the main character. Woo Young Woo is a young lawyer who just started his job at Hanbada Law Firm. She has autism.

This time, her charming voice was used to make the soundtrack for her own drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Here we present the lyrics in English translation.

Park Eun Bin – The Blue Night of Jeju Island
Extraordinary Attorney Woo OST Part 6
Release Date: 2022.08.11

The Blue Night of Jeju Island by Park Eun Bin (Extraordinary Attorney Woo OST) Hangeul + Romanization + English Translation

떠나요 둘이서 모든 것 훌훌 버리고
Tteonayo duriseo modeun geot hulhul beorigo
Let’s go, let’s throw everything away
제주도 푸른 밤 그 별 아래
Jejudo pureun bam geu byeol arae
Under the starts on the blue night of Jeju Island
이제는 더 이상 얽매이긴 우리 싫어요
Ijeneun deo isang eongmaeigin uri sileoyo
I don’t want to be tied down anymore
신문에 티비에 월급봉투에
Sinmune TV-e wolgeupbongtue
In the newspaper, on the TV, on the paycheck

[Verse 1]
아파트 담벼락보다는 바달 볼 수 있는 창문이 좋아요
Apateu dambyeorakbodaneun badal bol su inneun changmuni joayo
I prefer a window with a seas view rather than an apartment wall
낑깡밭 일구고 감귤도 우리 둘이 가꿔봐요
Kkingkkangbat ilgugo gamgyuldo uri duri gakkwobwayo
Let’s cultivate a field and grow citrus fruits for the two of us

정말로 그대가 외롭다고 느껴진다면 떠나요
Jeongmallo geudaega oeropdago neukkyeojindamyeon tteonayo
If you really feel lonely, leave
제주도 푸른 밤 하늘 아래로
Jejudo pureun bam haneul araero
Under the blue night sky of Jeju Island

[Verse 2]
도시의 침묵보다는 바다의 속삭임이 좋아요
Dosiui chimmukbodaneun badaui soksagimi joayo
I prefer the whisper of the sea to the silence of the city
신혼부부 밀려와 똑같은 사진 찍기 구경하며
Sinhonbubu millyeowa ttokgateun sajin jjikgi gugyeonghamyeo
We’re looking at the newlywed couple taking the same pictures

정말로 그대가 재미없다 느껴진다면 떠나요
Jeongmallo geudaega jaemieopda neukkyeojindamyeon tteonayo
If you really feel like you’re not having fun, then leave
제주도 푸르메가 살고 있는 곳
Jejudo pureumega salgo inneun got
Jeju Island where the blue night sky lives

떠나요 둘이서 힘들게 별로 없어요
Tteonayo duriseo himdeulge byeollo eopseoyo
Let’s go, it’s not too hard for the two of us
제주도 푸른 밤 그 별 아래
Jejudo pureun bam geu byeol arae
Under the blue night of Jeju Island
그동안 우리는 오랫동안 지쳤잖아요
Geudongan urineun oraetdongan jichyeotjanayo
We’ve been exhausted for a long time
술집에 카페에 많은 사람에
Suljibe café-e maneun sarame
There are a lot of people in the pubs and cafes

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