In Drama Anna Bae Suzy, Jung Eun-Chae, Kim Joon-Han, Park Ye-Young star. From June 24, 2022, it airs every Friday at 22.00 on Coupang.

Anna, based on critically aclaimed novel 친밀한 이방인 (Chinmilhan Ibangin) (Intimate Stranger) by Chung Hanah. Anna will present suzy strong acting transformations, tension, empathy, captivating story that will keep you interested.

Here We provide Korean Drama Anna quotes with cast and synopsis.

All of this starts with a small lie. Yu-Mi (Bae Suzy) lives a very different life because of the lie. Her husband is Ji-Hun (Kim Joon-Han). He is a goal-oriented person with a lot of drive. Ji-Won and Yu-Mi are friends (Park Ye-Young). Yu-Mi can only trust Ji-Won and depend on him. Hyun-Joo (Jung Eun-Chae) is living a better life, but she doesn’t care about or dislike anyone else.

Drama: Anna
Hangul: 안나 (Anna)
Director: Lee Joo-Young
Writer: Jung Han-A (novel), Lee Joo-Young
Network: Coupang Play
Episodes: 6
Release Date: June 24, 2022 —
Runtime: Friday 20:00

Bae Suzy as Yu-Mi
Jung Eun-Chae as Lee Hyun-Joo
Kim Joon-Han as Choi Ji-Hun
Park Ye-Young as Han Ji-Won

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Quotes Line from Drama Anna Episode 5

The most difficult thing is reading the mood of my bosses.
-Secretary Cho Yu Mi-


Money sure is scary.


It’s not about being strong-willed. I have brave principles.
-Han Ji Won-


A father must live ambiguously.
-Reporter Hwang-


Nothing is as scary as an honest advisor who is prepared to die.
Nothing can be as empty as the courage of the weak.
-Someone From TV Drama-


Just because you’re foolish and pitiful,
doesn’t mean you’ll be forgiven.
-Lee Hyun Joo-


Most people think hell is a space.
But in fact, it’s not a space, but a situation.
-Lee Hyun Joo-

Quotes Line from Drama Anna Episode 6

Are you a civil servant who only does what you’re told?
-Secretary Jung-


Not all who had a hard time growing up live like you.
-Han Ji Won-


They say people become cowardly because they have imagination.
-Lee Anna-


No matter who you are, you’re still my employer.
Although I’m weak, I want to stay loyal.
-Secretary Cho Yu Mi-


When one focuses on oneself too much, you can get depressed.
-Choi Ji Hoon-


The thing with people is that
they lie even in the diary no one else reads.
-Lee Anna-


But the truth is simple and lies are complicated.
-Lee Anna-


Anyone who knows the reason to live can endure any situation.
-Lee Anna-



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