Here is a list of songs that are featured on the soundtrack for Korean dramas. Here we provide you Best KDrama OST of 2021.

In 2021, there were a lot of different kinds of Korean dramas. There were thrillers, mysteries, romantic comedies, action, fantasy, and saeguk (royal theme). With an interesting story, one reason this drama works well is that the soundtrack is always right for each scene.

Original soundtrack, or OST, is an integral part of every film or television show. If the right OST is used to accompany each scene in the drama, the audience will feel more connected to the story.

Genius Korea is one of the most well-known Korean music communities. It focuses on promoting Korean music and getting people to listen to it. One of the things that Genius Korea likes to do is give full song lyrics, including verse 1, chorus, post-chorus, and outro.

Here are the 10 best Korean OSTs for 2021, in the form of Genius Korea, from the best of the best. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you’re sure to recognize this sound.

The 10 Best Korean OSTs for 2021

1. Yours by JIN BTS (Jirisan OST)

BTS’s Jin has been a long-awaited voice for the OST for years. The popularity of BTS is rising in more and more countries, so this song has been added to Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs. This is so that the drama fans will enjoy the OST, even more, when it is played.

2. Wish by Choi Yu Ree (Hometown Cha-cha-cha OST)

We all couldn’t move on from one of the popular Korean dramas about romance with Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho. The sad scene with a beautiful and heart-wrenching OST makes the drama even better, it seems. This song goes well with the sad scene in the movie.

3. Adrenaline by Solar Mamamoo (Vincenzo OST)

Song Joong Ki’s good looks always make women want to watch the shows he’s in. This drama seems to make the world go crazy because every scene that is shown makes the audience want to see more. Of course, the most important thing is the scene with the right background music. Solar Mamamoo sang a song that made the drama scene feel even more powerful.

4. Loveable by SinB Girlfriend (A Love So Beautiful OST)

An adaptation of the popular web c-drama, which was very popular in 2017, shows that SinB’s voice has a bright and sweet tone. SinB’s voice sounds like it fits well with the teenage love story that is the main point of this show.

Shin Sol Yi and Cha Heon’s innocent romance is well shown in the song, which sounds light and easy to listen to.

5. Love So Fine by Cha Eun Woo ASTRO (True Beauty OST)

It wasn’t just Han Seo Joon’s character in True Beauty who had a beautiful voice. Lee Su Ho, played by Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO, also had a lovely voice.

To show how flowery his heart was, this 1997-born idol sang “Love so Fine.” It looks like this song tells the love story of a young person who is both innocent and sincere at the same time.

6. It Starts Today by Hwang In Yeop

He did a good job of portraying Han Seo Joon, but in the drama that made his name famous, Hwang In Yeop also had a beautiful voice, you know.

It turns out that the actor who was born in 1991 also has a good voice. Han Seo Joon comes to life more fully through the song “It Starts Today.”

7. I’m Missing You by Sunjae (True Beauty OST)

A woman who sings alone, Sunjae, gave her sweet voice to be part of the ost. Although it is a sad song, “I’m Missing You” has its own place for people who like this show and listen to it often.

People who listen to this song will be moved by the romantic relationship between Lim Joo Kyung and Lee Suho, which is shown in the lyrics.

8. Love Sight by TXT (Doom at Your Service OST)

It’s Doom at Your Service: It is also one of the Korean dramas that have a lot of OSTs, like many of them. The best Korean drama. TXT (Tomorrow X TOGETHER) sings a song called “Love Sight.”

This one is really good. Besides, the voices of all the members of TXT are also very good for the romantic parts of the story in the show Doom at Your Service.

9. Breaking Down by Ailee (Doom at Your Service OST)

This is what you would know if you watched the Korean drama Doom at Your Service. This drama has a very sad storyline. The main point of this drama is that Ailee, who has very good singing skills but is also very emotional, is the perfect person to sing an ost. This is why.

You can see the tug of war between Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) and Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) in this song by Ailee.

10. Starlight by Chani SF9 (True Beauty OST)

Chani played the best friend of Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Joon in the drama True Beauty. He was named Jung Se Yeon. Chani is said to be an idol and has a song called “Starlight” that talks about how much you miss someone.

However, this song also talks about the friendship and the love triangle between Lee Su Ho, Han Seo Joon, and Lim Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young).

There is still a lot to like about the best KDrama OST of 2021, the Genius Korea version above. It’s not only pleasant to listen to, but the singers also do a good job of making the stories in Korean dramas more clear. After a long time, people still enjoy listening to this series of OSTs even though the drama has been over for a long time. This year, which one has been your favorite?


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