In drama The Sound Of Magic Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun and Hwang In Yeop star. Its airs May 6, 2022 wrapped up until 6 episode at once on Netflix . Here We provide drama The Sound Of Magic quotes with cast and synopsis.


Drama: The Sound of Magic (English title)
Hangul: 안나라수마나라 (Annarasumanara)
Director: Kim Sung-Yoon
Writer: Ha Il-Kwon (webcomic), Kim Min-Jung
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 6
Release Date: May 6, 2022
Original Webnovel: Here


As a teenager, Choi Sung-Eun plays Yoon A-Yi. She is a high school student, but she also works part-time jobs to help pay for herself and her younger sister. She doesn’t know where her parents are, so she doesn’t know what to do. Her father was forced out of the house by debt collectors, and her mother then left home. The fact that she doesn’t have a lot of money doesn’t stop her from getting a good grade at school, though. As well, she looks good. When Yoon A-Yi grows up, she wants to have a steady job. Her classmate is Na Il-Deung (Hwang In-Yeop). Every day, he competes with Yoon A-Yi to get the best grade. But they start to fall in love with each other. Ji Chang-Wook plays magician Ri-Eul in the movie. One day, magician Ri-Eul meets with Yoon A Yi (Ji Chang-Wook) at a run-down amusement park. He does magic shows for people who say they believe in magic. She told him that she believes in magic. He doesn’t know what to make of her, but he makes her feel better when she tells him about it.



Ji Chang Wook as Ri Eul
Choi Sung Eun as Yoon A Yi
Hwang In Yeop as Na Il Deung

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 1

Even if I can’t go to college,
I don’t want to give up on my grades.
-Yoon A Yi-

It was on the ground.
I found it. It’s not like I stole it.
-Yoon A Yi-

Don’t taunt me with money.
-Yoon A Yi-

With math, if you work on it, you’ll get the answer eventually.
So many problems in this world have no answer,
no matter how hard you try.
-Yoon A Yi-

There are types of magic.
Magic that looks real but is fake, and
Magic that looks fake but is real.
-Ri Eul-

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 2

If we do start dating,
would your lack of financial worry
make up for my shortcomings?
-Yoon A Yi-

Sometimes whether you believe or not
is more important than whether it’s real or not.
-Ri Eul-

What you need now is someone to listen to your story.
You think and think and think only inside your own mind,
and never let it out.
No wonder your heart gets heavier and heavier.
-Ri Eul-

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 3

Whatever pride I’m selling for a few hundred thousand won
can always be bought back once I make a lot of money later.
-Yoon A Yi-

Seeing something with your eyes
Doesn’t always mean it’s true
You’re only seeing what you believe
-Ri Eul-

I’m not saying you should only do what you want.
You should do whatever it is you want to do
just as much as the things you don’t want to do.
-Ri Eul-

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 4

Poverty isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

I thought that getting out of poverty
was the most important step to overcome the misery in my life.
But I was wrong. Now I see that this entire time it wasn’t money
that was pushing me over the edge, but the grown-ups.
I want to be a grown-up, so immature adults
no longer have any control over my life.
I want to become a lousy grown-up, just like them.
-Yoon A Yi-

You have no idea how much I regretted it
after I told the teacher everything, do you?
It turns out even honesty is a luxury I can’t afford.
But you’re telling me to just curse and yell at you without a thought?
-Yoon A Yi-

Having a dream is easy,
but not everyone gets to make theirs come true.
-Na Il Deung’s mother-

To be honest, I don’t have any money,
and that makes a lot of things very hard.
-Yoon A Yi-

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 5

You pretend to care about people while exposing weaknesses,
and pretend to comfort them while looking down on them.
-Yoon A Yi-

You can still be happy without the approval of others.
-Na Il Deung-

Is success moving forward according to
a well-made plan without ever failing?
If I succeed, will I be happy?
-Na Il Deung-

No one in the world is crazy.
They make you into a crazy person little by little,
if you don’t fit society’s standards.
-Na Il Deung-

Quotes Line from Drama The Sound Of Magic EP 6

I just need someone who can tell me that
no matter what others say, it’s not important,
and someone who believes me.
-Ri Eul-

At some point, the world became a place people like you can’t live in.
Because if you don’t meet the set standards, you are treated like a failure.
That’s what I thought at first too.
That you are living your life, running away, because you’d failed to adapt to reality.
But you know what? I think I kind of understand now.
Since when did this world become a place
where even dreams have to meet a standard?
Just what kind of qualifications are necessary to become a respected adult?
I just need to be me. So why do we try so hard not to fall too far from the norms
of the average person?
-Yoon A Yi-

Magic doesn’t create miracles,
but allows you to discover them.
-Yoon A Yi-

I didn’t know before
that flowers don’t bloom on smooth asphalt
but on bumpy dirt.
-Na Il Deung-



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